Let’s be clear on something. The fat kid’s problem isn’t being fat. It’s being HATED for being fat. It’s being targeted by everything from bullies and parents (perhaps unwittingly, because yeah, it was done to me and I was a fat kid) doing abusive things to him to get him thin to the First Lady spearheading a campaign that pushes forward the agenda to increase stigma against fat children by making sure they get labeled as being unhealthy right off the bat and assumed to be eating nothing but “junk food”.

And all the while, any thin kids who may be eating nothing but “junk food” are handwaved away, because if they’re thin they must be healthy and don’t need any nutritional intervention, right? Any fat kids who are actually getting only occasional meals and live in poverty and have dire food insecurity in their lives are assumed not even to exist or even told it might be good for them to miss meals because they’re fat.

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